Designing & wrestling with technology

Last updated 17.4.24

Testbed is the creative practise of Rob Peart. Focussed on grappling with the expressive and creative qualities of technology, and cultivating a fertile creative compost in which to grow ideas.

In progress:

Website design & build forSDD

Design system forInventor-E

Product design forStoneX


Website design & build forSize Group

Website design & build forWork Less Ordinary

Website design & build forSavea

Generative design development forSavea

Interaction design system forUltraleap

Interactive campaign forDesperados


Why Design is Not Problem Solving forAIGA

Automation Threatens to Make Graphic Designers Obselete forAIGA

Neural Nets, Graphic Design & Death Metal forTestbed

Friends & Collaborators:

Testbed logo byYee Poon

Strategic thinkingJulian Ellerby

Art, ideas & concept developmentHarry Grundy

Freelance designHayley Watchorn

Brand designSupple Studio

Project managementAshley McMahon

Webflow developmentVerity Onions

Brand designCutler & Goddard

IllustrationGordon Armstrong

IllustrationGiles Macleay